---------- SPACENYAN TROOPERS ----------

Game Design & Event Scripting
Federico Baglivo

Game Controls

Keyboard : 

  •  Arrow keys for Movement  
  • Spacebar for Shoot 
  • Enter/Return for Pause 
  • Shift for Resume


You are in your spaceship and you find yourself in the middle of a violent storm of asteroids. The only hope of salvation is Mexicanyan!

The goal is to score as many points as possible! Do you want to try it?


The game is still far from being completed and is currently under development. 

Is a game developed with Construct 2 free edition, but I do not rule out that it can go to Unity 3D. 

So I kindly ask you to provide me with any feedback and every thought you have about the game through the forum. 

Thanks a lot! 


Ideas for TO DO List: 

  • Update game with background music 
  • Add new levels 
  • Add new threats 
  • Add new weapons 
  • Implement leaderboard for highscores

Contact Informations

Thoughts? Feedbacks? Contact me!

email @ ilFed2508@gmail.com
- or -
Follow me on Twitter! @ilFed2508

here on Itch.io! @ fbaglivo.itch.io

Thank you! :D

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